Monday, August 17, 2009

No activity vol.2

I started to read Smiths' review, but really could not give my attention to it. I hope the idea that taking the German test earlier was a good one. Cos' I am so tired. I have to do so much extra work. Two more weeks.

I took a prep. exam and it was SO hard for my level. Oh well, we will see.. My scholarship would not pay for an extension anyway, so I must study without complainin and that's it...


Jess said...

Hi how are you?

I was looking through your blog, and I found it interesting, and inspiring to me, so I thought why not leave you a comment.

I too have a blog that I use out of Southern California here in San Diego.

Mostly it is a collection of artistic expression, and I have many friends with the same interests, maybe you can become my friend, and follow, and I can also follow you, if that is okay.

Well I hope to hear from you soon, and or read about you….LOL


Ozge Ekin said...

Hi Jess,

It's so nice to hear that my blog is inspiring to someone.

I also loved your blog and masks...

Of course you can follow my blog and I would like to follow yours.

So we will be hearing from or reading about eachother then :)

Peace, Ozge